Milky Plant

Retail giant listing is a dream come true

A new kitchen appliance that allows consumers to make plant-based milk at home has been listed by Selfridges, London.

Milky Plant can turn nuts, cereals, seeds, and even potatoes, into plant-based milk in a matter of minutes. The chosen ingredient is simply added to the blender, the water tank filled, and within three minutes a litre of plant-based milk is produced. The resulting milk is a healthier alternative to supermarket bought milks which might contain preservatives, emulsifiers, seed oils and gums.

The Milky Plant machine costs £290 and it takes around 180 uses to recoup the costs of the machine, depending which ingredients are used to make the milk.

Creating milk at home also reduces the volume of Tetrapak containers ending up in landfill, which is currently estimated at almost 300k per year, which, if they were placed end to end would stretch from Selfridges in London to central Milton Keynes. For every Milky Plant purchased, five tree are planted and 61kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere every year.

Nadina Grigorias, founder of Milky Plant, said:

“This has been a very personal journey for me so far, having been diagnosed with high cholesterol at a young age I have been on a mission to try and find ways to improve my health and reduce cholesterol. I was shocked at how unhealthy shop-bought plant milk can be and I tried to make it at home, but repeatedly straining ingredients with cheese cloths is messy and time consuming. So, we invented Milky Plant! To now be stocked in Selfridges in London is a dream come true and I hope many more will discover the benefits of home-made plant milk.”

The Selfridges listing is hot on the heels of Milky Plant being enrolled in the Amazon sustainability accelerator scheme which is an exclusive programme for just 15 sustainable businesses per year. The accelerator is just in its second year and 1,500 companies applied to take part, with eight UK businesses being accepted onto the programme.

Selfridges Buyer Robbie Rogan said:

“Sustainability has never been more important to Selfridges and our customers. We’re proactively checking the sustainability credentials of every new brand before the listing is confirmed. Plant-based milk is increasingly popular for health and environmental concerns and raising awareness that there alternatives to shop bought is important.”

Milky Plant can be found on the lower ground floor of Selfridges London in the smartech area.

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